Ways To Partner

Ways to Partner with The Academy

This ambitious, privately-led, publicly-endorsed educational project is intended to

inspire students by building confidence and competence as a foundation for setting and

achieving educational and career goals.  Individuals, foundations, organizations,

nonprofits and the public sector are asked to unite and support this community-focused

effort to strengthen personal and career wellbeing.  Multiple organizations throughout the community have pledged financial and human resources to transform The Academy from a lofty idea into a meaningful endeavor to positively impact our local employers and aspiring workers.

Ways to Partner:

1) Provide job shadowing, tours and other career development experiences for students;

2) Teach a core course at the Academy;

3) Refer (Sponsor) a mentor from your organization; and 

4) Financially support The Academy (Sponsorship Levels: $1,000 or $500).  

Thank you for your partnership in this exciting community-endorsed endeavor!

Questions?  See our Employer Partner FAQ.


Or, contact LynAnn Henderson, Executive Director, Yellowstone Strengths Academy and President/CEO, Kynexions at 406.671.6573 or LynAnn.Henderson@kynexions.com

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